My Love You - Anbu


Letters To My Children

So Why Build Something

Directions For Building


Directions For “Now Building”, 
On The “Outside” of You,
 “The One True House of God” For “Your Age”, 
"One For All, And All For One", 
Now "Also" Within Each of My Children,
So God Can Then “Return The Favor”,
and that is for sure.  

Plus Letters To My Following Children 
Inviting Them To Truly Join In Partnership With Us,
As “One With” Us, 
In “This Last Great Task For Your Age”,
First, On The “Outside” of You, And Then “Within” You,
and that is for sure.

Michael and Sally Green (June 15, 2011),
Tom and Cathy Bath (July 1, 2011),
Curtis and Angela Wahlgren (July 12, 2011),
Daniel Abdal-Hayy and Malika Moore (July 15, 2011)